A highly rated training centre

Eastern Finland Sports Institute ISLO was founded in 1979 and is part of the Finnish sports and fitness network. It is one of the three regional sports institutes in Finland, in which training and diverse sports services are provided by experienced and skilled group of professionals. The institute is owned by the City of Joensuu.

Located in the middle of Joensuu, ISLO's main building is less than a kilometre from the market square. The marvellous sporting facilities of the Mehtimäki area are also close and include Joensuu Areena; Vesikko swimming hall; Palloilukeidas with its tennis, squash, and badminton courses, and bowling alleys; Keskuskenttä athletic stadium; and an excellent selection of outdoor recreation routes that are maintained throughout the year.

ISLO welcomes you to the bustling student city of Joensuu!