Elina Ikonen: One of the creators and head teacher of the ISLO Education in Dance and (from 2006). A certified dance-movement therapist and a social welfare worker, with teaching experience of 30 years. Graduated in Dance Movement therapy and in Social welfare work (North Karelia University of Applied Sciences), Vocational Teacher (JAMK University of Applied Sciences), Finland. Further/ additional education: Trager® practitioner, work supervisor, licensed massage therapist, community art, dance pedagogy & workshops in contemporary, somatics & ”new dance”, including 60 weeks in a private dance school Center for New Dance/Finland.

Lindon Shimizu: A committed player. Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He is an actor, dancer, performer, teacher. He migrate between Brazilian and Japanese culture. He holds a Theatre license degree from UERGS – Rio Grande do Sul State University. From 2011 till now he supports the dance director Dani Lima (Brazil), collaborating as a dancer in performances, dance-videos, a book and 2 pieces “100 gesture”, and “little collection of everything”. Presenting the last two pieces in several theaters and festivals in Brazil and Japan. In 2015 he moved to Finland to study at the institution ISLO in the course "Education in Dance and Somatics.". In 2019 he started to teach at the same school. He is in process to become a SME by BMC(Body-Mind Centering.) He research contact-improvisation since 2009. As actor he has worked in several films, series with reference to the long-movies "Still Orangotangos" by Gustavo Spolidoro and "Beyond the Grave" by Davi Oliveira. In 2003, He taught acting techniques for videos at the School of Actors of Porto Alegre. In pedagogical and artistic field, he is currently interested in the dialogue of an ethical-aesthetical-political-body as a strategy of being and creating, playing between liquids and membrane, contents and container, and framing audio and video arts in its creation.