A warm welcome to Somatics Workshop!

Our expe­rience of our own bodies plays an impor­tant role in how we feel about our­sel­ves, and this influences how we inte­ract with our envi­ron­ment, social and physical. 

Soma­tics refers to a gene­ral approach to wor­king with the body whe­re it is expe­rienced from wit­hin rat­her than objec­ti­fied from the out­si­de. The implica­tion is that when the body is expe­rienced from wit­hin, then the body and mind are not sepa­ra­ted but expe­rienced as a who­le. The the­mes of this works­hop are easy move­ment, ver­sa­ti­le move­ment and — body image.

The­re will be clas­ses in impro­vi­sa­tion, move­ment explo­ra­tion, and other soma­tic move­ment prac­tices. We aim to crea­te a relaxed atmosp­he­re in which eve­ry­one can learn at their own pace. We take our work serious­ly and we like to have fun. We hope you will too! 

This cour­se is open for eve­ry­one and could be a great way to begin your autumn. 

Workshop schedule

Saturday 15.10.2022

10:00–11:30Direc­tion, Elina 
11:30–11:50Lunchbreak (own snacks) 
11:50–13:20Breathwork, Aino 
13:20–13:30cof­fee break 
13:30–15:00From visua­liza­tion to move­ment, Minna 

Sunday 16.10.2022 

10:00–11:30Tonus, Eli­na
11:50–13:20Natu­ral move­ment, Aino
13:20–13:30cof­fee break


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SAT-SUN 15.–16.10.2022


Kuurnankatu 28 (Cat People dance studio)




Eli­na Ikonen

The princi­pal teac­her of the one-year ISLO Educa­tion in Dance and Somatics.

Aino Huus­ko

EDS alumn, PT, Sports Instructor

Min­na Saksa

EDS alumn, special educa­tion teacher

Kat­so myös: