How to begin?

New stu­dent? For­got the password or vir­tual­ly lost? How about the stu­dent bene­fits?
Hey, no wor­ries! Take a deep breath! This page is full of answers!

Digi stuff —
O365 ID, IT, for­got the password etc.

Need-To-Know —
stu­dent bene­fits, healthca­re, insurances 

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Digi stuff

Only one password — M365 ID

Mic­ro­soft Office 365 ID is inclu­ded in your ISLO stu­dy fee. You have access to all M365 digi­tal tools and use your M365 ID to log in to all digi­tal tools that we use at ISLO. This means that You can take it easy with the passwords!

Use ISLO e‑mail address ( to log in to M365 in You can use M365 and many of the softwa­re applica­tions in it on mobi­le too. Down­load the mobi­le applica­tions to your smartp­ho­ne or tablet (e.g. Office por­tal, Teams, Word and PowerPoint). 

Office 365 includes

Office 365 offers e.g.

  • Email and calendar
    • 1000 GT mailbox
    • Sha­red address book for the stu­dents and ISLO staff members
  • One dri­ve — cloud storage
    • 1000 GT storage
    • Sha­ring docu­ments and folders
  • Teams
    • com­mu­nica­tion chan­nel and onli­ne meetings
  • Office Web Apps (Word, Excel, Power­Point and One­No­te) (brow­ser-based applications)
  • The latest Mic­ro­soft Office pro­duct fami­ly 5 per­so­nal works­ta­tion during the stu­dies. Worth chec­king out!

⚡Because of secu­ri­ty, you need to log in to M365 ‑ser­vices with your pri­va­te pho­ne num­ber and with your pri­va­te e‑mail account. Remem­ber to confirm!

Lost my password/user ID — HELP ME!

The one and only password (M365 — ID) is lost? Hey, no wor­ries, it hap­pens to all of us. If it is only a tem­po­ra­ry slip — remem­ber that your O365 ID is always You will need your ID befo­re the next step — to reset your password. Only then, go ahead and click the but­ton below.

Other wor­ries, plea­se con­tact ISLO IT sup­port: ISLO IT support

Tips for a safe password

A strong password is:

  • Min 12 cha­rac­ters, but at least 14 cha­rac­ters is better.
  • A com­bi­na­tion of upperca­se let­ters, lowerca­se let­ters, num­bers and symbols.
  • Not a word found in a dic­tio­na­ry or in the name of a per­son, brand, pro­duct or organization.
  • Sig­ni­ficant­ly dif­fe­rent from your pre­vious passwords.
  • Easy to remem­ber, but hard for others to guess. You can use memo­rable phra­ses with per­so­nal meaning.


  • The last 10 passwords can­not be used again
  • The password expi­res eve­ry 3 months. You’ll get a hint when it’s time to chan­ge. You can chan­ge your password once a day
  • The user­na­me will be loc­ked if the password is ente­red incor­rect­ly 5 times wit­hin 30 minutes.
  • The lock opens auto­ma­tical­ly after 30 minu­tes. The lock can be relea­sed at the same time as a self-ser­vice from the reset button.

If you lose it completely with IT! — ISLO IT support gives a hand!

The devices/applications don’t want to co-ope­ra­te, or any unex­pec­ted issue comes up, e.g. rela­ted to cre­den­tials or log in? Don’t wor­ry, help is near! Con­tact ISLO IT sup­port Kim­mo Simon­tai­pa­le, you can find the panic but­tons below. IT sup­port ser­ves during nor­mal office ope­ning hours, i.e. rough­ly Mon-Fri 8 am‑3 pm.

Psst! If you for­got your password, you can reset it here.

Digital learning environment at ISLO

The stu­dy-rela­ted applica­tions used by ISLO have been selec­ted accor­ding to the “less is more” principle. In other words, we have inves­ted in qua­li­ty ins­tead of quan­ti­ty by care­ful­ly con­si­de­ring which are the most essen­tial applica­tions in terms of stu­dying. Eve­ryt­hing starts with the M365 cre­den­tials men­tio­ned abo­ve, but after that, the most impor­tant applica­tion nee­ded for stu­dies is defi­ni­te­ly Mic­ro­soft TEAMS. If you are not fami­liar with using the applica­tion, you can con­tact ISLO’s digi­tal sup­port, or alter­na­ti­ve­ly, do self-stu­dy, which is popu­lar the­se days, for example from this video (in English, 10 min) TEAMS tuto­rial in 10 minutes

Other key applica­tions are applica­tions from the Mic­ro­soft Office pro­duct fami­ly, such as Word, Office and Excel. You can use them for free as long as you are a stu­dent at ISLO. You can use the applica­tions as onli­ne ver­sions or down­load the applica­tions to your phone/computer from the Office home page.


In Wil­ma, you can e.g. view and edit your own per­so­nal data (this is the first step befo­re your Slice stu­dent card), your stu­dy data or, for example, comple­te the HOKS form. 

⚡Notice that you must sign in to Wil­ma using the gray but­ton below the emp­ty user­na­me and password fields, NOT by typing your user­na­me and password (remem­ber, M365 eve­ryw­he­re you go..) !

Opis­ke­li­jan Need-To-Know

Student benefits at ISLO

  • Boo­king class­rooms (unfor­tu­na­te­ly, ISLO can not offer free stu­dio space) and equip­ment (for prac­tice use) ⇨ con­tact the info point or email
  • ​In the 2nd floor cor­ri­dor at ISLO, Län­si­ka­tu 15 and Kuur­nan­ka­tu 28 dance stu­dio, the­re is a refri­ge­ra­tor and a mic­rowa­ve for the stu­dents to use. Plea­se dis­po­se of the old food yourself.
  • The com­pu­ters in the cor­ri­dor on the 2nd floor, ISLO, Län­si­ka­tu 15, are free for the stu­dents to use. Ask for the user and password from the IT sup­port IT-sup­port
  • Copying in ISLO office Län­si­ka­tu 15, stu­dy-rela­ted mate­rials for free (tell the office wor­ker the name of your educa­tion), other copys cost 0,10 €/piece.
  • Slice — Stu­dent card (check below)
  • 20% discount on all ISLO ser­vices (e.g. accom­mo­da­tion, trai­ned mas­sa­ge and tes­ting services
  • Gym/swimming: Your can use Vesik­ko Swim­ming hall OR Joen­suu Aree­na once a week for free.
    • Vesik­ko: The­re is a list at cas­hier. Wri­te down fol­lowing info: date, your name, your field of educa­tions, ser­vice your are using (swimming/gym) and info if you are trai­ning with a customer. 
    • Aree­na: You will get a code with what you can enter Aree­na’s gym (e‑mail from The­re is a bin­der at Aree­na’s info­desk. Wri­te down fol­lowing info: date, your name, your field of educa­tions and info if you are trai­ning with a customer. 

Digital student card — Slice

As an ISLO stu­dent, you are entit­led to a free digi­tal stu­dent card. With the card, you can claim thousands of stu­dent bene­fits all over Fin­land. The­re are two types of cards in use, blue and green. If you have a blue card, it also entit­les you to Mat­ka­huol­to (bus con­nec­tions) and VR (train con­nec­tions) stu­dent discounts. Full-time educa­tion stu­dents have a blue card, and mul­ti-for­mat educa­tion stu­dents have a green card.

Slice is the official digi­tal stu­dent card applica­tion as well as Fin­land’s lar­gest stu­dent bene­fit ser­vice that gat­hers the bene­fits of thousands of stu­dent-friend­ly companies.

Stu­dent bene­fits can be con­ve­nient­ly found in the free stu­dent card applica­tion, which you can use to brow­se and redeem the stu­dent bene­fits of thousands of com­pa­nies in about a hundred loca­tions in Finland.

Busi­nes­ses that grant stu­dent bene­fits can be easi­ly iden­ti­fied by the blue and whi­te Slice heart stic­ker in the street view.

The com­pa­nies that grant bene­fits are from a wide ran­ge of industries, from small local com­pa­nies to big brands, natio­nal chains and many kinds of onli­ne stores.

Slice is inten­ded for all stu­dents from second gra­de to hig­her educa­tion, throug­hout Finland.

Stu­dent: Enjoy your stu­dies and take advan­ta­ge of Slice’s free stu­dent card and stu­dent bene­fits that are just for you! Ask for help from a Fin­nish class­ma­te in acti­va­ting your Slice card.


ISLO school health nur­se has recep­tion is at Tie­de­puis­to (Län­si­ka­tu 15). The nur­se will give a stu­dent info eve­ry autumn. In which she/he int­ro­duces herself/himself to the stu­dents and gives infor­ma­tion about stu­dent health care and the neces­sa­ry con­tact infor­ma­tion. The nur­se’s ser­vices are inten­ded for tho­se stu­dents who are not cove­red by occu­pa­tio­nal health care.

You can make a appoint­ment by telep­ho­ning the nurse:

013 3305897/ 050 356 6442 (Mari­mai­ju paik­ka ti-pe)
013330 5689/ 050 475 0104 (Mil­la pai­kal­la pe)

Län­si­ka­tu 15, 1A, 1krs.


  • Stu­dents have Lähi­Ta­pio­la acci­dent insu­rance through ISLO.
  • The insu­rance covers acci­dents that occur­red during theo­ry les­sons and prac­tical training.
  • You can choo­se the treat­ment faci­li­ty your­self (also pri­va­te healthca­re, e.g. Mehi­läi­nen), but if the insu­rance com­pa­ny does not con­si­der the dama­ge an acci­dent, the stu­dent will be bil­led for the treatment.
  • If pos­sible, ask the stu­dy office for an insu­rance cer­ti­fica­te with you befo­re going to treat­ment. We will send the cer­ti­fica­te to your phone.
  • Report the dama­ge to the stu­dy office as soon as pos­sible after the acci­dent. Plea­se, set an appoint­ment in advance:



  1. You can book doc­tor’s appoint­ment at incu­rance com­pa­ny Lähi­Ta­pio­la’s part­ners in Mehi­läi­nen, Ter­veys­ta­lo or Pih­la­ja­lin­na. In urgent cases, you can go to any doc­tor on duty
  2. When you visit a doc­tor, remem­ber to tell that you are a stu­dent at (Eas­tern Fin­land Phy­sical Educa­tion Col­le­ge) and the ISLO insu­rance com­pa­ny is LähiTapiola.
  3. If pos­sible, ask the stu­dy office ( for an insu­rance cer­ti­fica­te and take it with you to the doc­tor’s appoint­ment. We will send the cer­ti­fica­te to your phone.​((EMAIL OR TEAMS)
  4. Come and report the dama­ge to the stu­dy office as soon as pos­sible after the accident.

Set an appoint­ment for mee­ting (remo­te or at ISLO Län­si­ka­tu 15) stu­dy office:

Student benefits

Can I get a stu­dy grant for my ISLO stu­dies? — You can ask this from your own count­ry. KELA (a Fin­nish orga­niza­tion) offers this for Fin­nish stu­dents. Furt­her info about KELA

Study Certificate

After you gra­dua­te you’ll get a stu­dy cer­ti­fica­te from your teac­her. If you need a voca­tio­nal qua­li­fica­tion about your stu­dies for inte­na­tio­nal use, you can print it from the web­si­te of board of Educa­tion, e‑Perusteista or ask for it from If you later need a copy of the cer­ti­fica­te, ask for it from New Cer­ti­fica­te costs 20€ (inc. pos­ta­ge). Atten­tion! If you have gra­dua­ted year 2018 or after that, you can sha­re the infor­ma­tion through Opin­to­pol­ku for free.

Study fee

Tui­tion fees are sent to stu­dents by email after the start of school. You can pay all at once or in parts. Instruc­tions are inclu­ded with the invoice. If you wish to chan­ge the invoice infor­ma­tion, con­tact the stu­dy

#anna­meau­tam­me — con­tact details and use­ful links

ISLO staff — we are here for you!

If you come across somet­hing that doesn’t seem to be sol­ved with the infor­ma­tion abo­ve, plea­se con­tact us — soo­ner is bet­ter than later! Find our con­tact details here below. Stu­dent Office +358 50 379 6293

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