One of the crea­tors and head teac­her of the ISLO Educa­tion in Dance and Soma­tics. She is a cer­ti­fied dance-move­ment the­ra­pist and a social wel­fa­re wor­ker, with teac­hing expe­rience of 30 years. Gra­dua­ted in Dance Move­ment the­ra­py and in social wel­fa­re work (North Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences), Voca­tio­nal Teac­her (JAMK Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences), Fin­land. Further/ addi­tio­nal educa­tion: Tra­ger® prac­ti­tio­ner, work super­vi­sor, licen­sed mas­sa­ge the­ra­pist, addi­tio­nal educa­tions in com­mu­ni­ty art, dance peda­go­gy & works­hops in con­tem­po­ra­ry dance and soma­tics,” inclu­ding 60 weeks in a pri­va­te dance school DoDance Cen­ter for New Dance/Finland.

In Educa­tion in Dance and Soma­tics she teac­hes peda­go­gy, soma­tic move­ment deve­lop­ment, self-know­led­ge, aut­hen­tic move­ment, con­tact-impro­vi­sa­tion. She also faci­li­ta­tes the group lear­ning process and offers one to one men­to­ring. Elina’s peda­go­gical approach is the under­lying sup­port in the process of adap­ting dance and soma­tics to one’s own pro­fes­sio­nal and pri­va­te life. It balances the group lear­ning process and offers peda­go­gical tools. Dia­lo­gical and expe­rien­tial lear­ning and a group process can be a jour­ney itself. Soft skills give struc­tu­re to the crea­ti­ve and empowe­ring process.

Int­ro­duc­tion to clas­ses by Elina:

Wor­king life soft skills – which are the major lear­ning tar­get of any educa­tion in the 2020s – gui­de our jour­ney to a year­long peda­go­gical embo­died process. Eli­na has been wor­king with the sub­ject for years and par­tici­pa­ted in crea­ting Embo­died Soft Skills Trai­ning in an Eras­mus+ pro­ject cal­led MOSS — Moving into Soft Skills. Move­ment approac­hes like, move­ment deve­lop­ment and con­tem­po­ra­ry dance, dance move­ment the­ra­py, Tra­ger move­ment®, aut­hen­tic move­ment, and con­tact-impro­vi­sa­tion are used throug­hout the year. The lear­ning process inclu­des labo­ra­to­ry work like expe­rien­tial tasks, con­ver­sa­tions (one to one, small groups & in the group), pre­sen­ta­tions in front of the class, wri­ting jour­nals and com­mit­ting to an indi­vi­dual stu­dy plan with inte­gra­tion to the con­tents of the education. 

Elina’s teac­hing met­hods are various. This sup­ports the student’s indi­vi­dual deve­lop­ment. Diver­se sty­les can give a broad unders­tan­ding of the field of teac­hing. The para­digm of educa­tion worldwi­de is under a big shift. It is worth loo­king for a varie­ty of options from labo­ra­to­ry to per­for­ma­ti­ve, aut­ho­ri­ta­rian to horizon­tal etc. The process demands an open mind and trust in the unk­nown. It wakes up the crea­ti­vi­ty and chal­len­ges crea­ting inno­va­ti­ve approac­hes by one­self – not to repeat oneself.

The­se peda­go­gical the­mes spread over the stu­dy year. Each modu­le focuses on a couple of the­mes in more detail.
Modu­le 1: atten­tion and focus, lear­ning abi­li­ty
Modu­le 2: teamwork, com­mu­nica­tion
Modu­le 3: crea­ti­vi­ty, lea­ders­hip, self-regu­la­tion
Modu­le 4: atmosp­he­re, adap­ta­bi­li­ty
All Modu­les inclu­de 1:1 men­to­ring by Eli­na Iko­nen, 2–4 x based on one’s needs 


(1983, Brazil) CVAc­tor, Dancer, Per­for­mer, Teac­her
+358 44 922 6277 lindonshimizu@gmail.com, lindon.shimizu@islo.fi
LANGUAGES: Por­tu­gue­se, Japa­ne­se, English
VIMEO: https://vimeo.com/user49980015

Lin­don Shi­mizu is a half Brazi­lian Japa­ne­se immi­grant artist per­for­mer and teac­her based in Fin­land. He holds a theat­re degree and his phy­sical lear­ning inclu­des theat­re, Kara­te, Judo, phy­sical trai­ning of the actor con­tem­po­ra­ry dance, per­for­mance, con­tact impro­vi­sa­tion, soma­tic educa­tion, Body-Mind Centering.

At ISLO he teac­hes expe­rien­tial ana­to­my, move­ment explo­ra­tion, move­ment impro­vi­sa­tion, con­tact impro­vi­sa­tion, aut­hen­tic move­ment, solo move­ment research and move­ment and tech­no­lo­gy. In the peda­go­gical and artis­tic field, he is inte­res­ted in the dia­lo­gue of an ethical-poli­tical-body, as a stra­te­gy of being and crea­ting, playing between what is pri­va­te, and what is public, adding his expe­rience in videos in this practice.

Since 2011 he has col­la­bo­ra­ted with the Brazi­lian dancer, cho­reo­grap­her and researc­her Dani Lima. He has col­la­bo­ra­ted and per­for­med the 100 ges­tu­res (2012), Small Col­lec­tion of All Things (2013), was con­si­de­red the best of their years by specia­lized cri­tics. Body, Poli­tics and Discour­se in the dance of Lia Rodri­gues (2007) and Ges­tu­re: Prac­tice and Discour­se (2013)started the research process “The 100 ges­tu­res that mar­ked the cen­tu­ry 20” during 2 years. Which gave rise to the show “100 ges­tu­res”. The same who won the APCA award for best cast in 2012 “Small col­lec­tion of all things”. Pre­sen­ting the last two shows in seve­ral thea­ters and fes­ti­vals in Brazil. Having wor­ked as an Interpre­ter-crea­tor, pro­ducer, trans­la­tor in the adap­ta­tion of the last work in Japa­ne­se especial­ly for the Aic­hi Trian­na­le (Trien­nial Fes­ti­val of Con­tem­po­ra­ry Inter­na­tio­nal Art of Aic­hi Pro­vince), Japan.

Since 2011 Lin­don and the dance artists Das­ha Lav­ren­ni­kov, have col­la­bo­ra­ted on pro­jects such as “Fronteiras”(2011), “Ground­less Ground” (2018) and “Pro­ject M” (2019). Searc­hing for the mec­ha­nisms and dyna­mics that pro­duce expe­ri­men­tal encoun­ters as out­si­ders wit­hin the con­tem­po­ra­ry con­text. Living and wor­king between bor­ders, they are deve­lo­ping col­lec­ti­ve modes of wor­king as artist-cura­tors inter­na­tio­nal­ly. He star­ted his artis­tic career acting in movies. He began to prac­tice acting tech­niques for videos at the School of Actors of Por­to Alegre, having taught it years later. He has wor­ked in seve­ral films, TV series, with refe­rence to the long-movies “Ain­da Oran­go­tan­gos” by Gus­ta­vo Spo­li­do­ro and “Bey­ond the Gra­ve” by Davi Oli­vei­ra. Cur­rent­ly, he searc­hes for the pos­sible rela­tion between body/movement and tech­no­lo­gy (audio, video, media) and its limits. Since 2015 he deve­lops his own work with video dances such as “4:44”, “인연 — bound -” and “Tremble”. The first one won the jury prize of NEWCOMERS AVARDS of Inter­na­tio­nal Scree dance Fes­ti­val Freiburg.